Introduction to Islam


Introduction to Islam in a Short Glance

Here today we give you the Introduction to Islam. Islam could be a faith started within the seventh century in the Asian nation by its prophet, Mohammed(S.A.W). It’s one in every of the three hottest Abrahamic religions, the opposite 2 being Judaism and Christianity.

The word Islam suggests that “submission” refers to submitting oneself to the one and solely God, Allah.

Islam teaches that there's one powerful, wise God

Currently, Islam is the second-largest faith within the world and a few estimates that there are one.2 to 1.5 billion Muslims.

Islam’s holy book is the Qur’an or al-Quran. It was discovered by God to the prophet through the angel Jibril or Gabriel.

These revelations came to the prophet in a very amount of twenty-two years, from AD 610 up to his death in AD 632.

Muslims believe that the prophet is Allah’s last prophet which Islam is His last faith.few beliefs; however, all of them believe the identicalness of God, and Prophet Mohammed's prophecy, etc.

The Religion of Islam

Islam is quite a faith since it covers areas of spirituality, politics, society, and law. As an example, there are teachings concerning a way to pray.

However the members of society ought to behave, the United Nations agency will be a pacesetter, and what reasonably punishments ought to incline for various offenses.

This makes Islam some way of life and governance that is completely different from Judaism and Christianity.

Just like Christianity and Judaism, Islam teaches that there’s one powerful, wise God (Allah in Arabic), that God created everything, that God created Adam & Eve from whom humanity flourished concerning, that there’s a Beelzebub, that there’s each day of judgment, etc.

Islam believes that Saviour and Moses are prophets of God and as prophets; they’re given their due respect. However, Muslims believe that the Torah and also the New Testament were the words of God.

However, the teachings are corrupted by humans.PILLARS OF ISLAM

Islam has five tenants that are the pillar of Islam, the Salah, the Zakat, the Sawm, and also the hadj. The pillar of Islam refers to the gospel of Islam, which suggests “I testify that there’s no god.

However, God and the prophet is his prophet“.

New Muslims should testify to the present to be thought of as Muslims. The worship is the ritual prayer of Islam, and it should be performed five times each day.

Charity is the giving of charity. Abstinence is that the abstinence throughout the month of Ramadan.

And Hajj is that the pilgrim’s journey to the town of Mecca, which should be done once in a very person’s lifespan.

Currently, there are several denominations of Islam. However, the foremost fashionable is Sunni, Shia, and also the Sufis.

A bit like Christian denominations, the Muslim ones take issue on a few beliefs; however, all of them believe in the identicalness of God, and Prophet Mohammed’s prophecy, etc.

I hope you are like and enjoy our article Introduction to Islam.

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