Importance Of Jihad In Islam

What Is Jihad

Today we discuss the Importance Of Jihad In Islam. Jihad is fighting for the sake of Allah and what is related to its rulings.  Its significance and importance are much more than a common war.

According to the Islamic point of view, Jihad is an idea of action. It is the word derived from the Arabic language and its literal meaning is “striving.”

The definition of Jihad among jurists is Exert effort, energy, and hardship to fight for the sake of Allah.

One can get the evidence of jihad from the Quran, the words of God “fighting you wrote” and the saying, “and fought with your money and yourselves in the cause of God, it is better for you if you know” and the words “and fought the polytheists as a pest as fighting you as a scourge and know that God with the righteous“. The words of Allah “and kill them where you found them and do not take them a guardian or a supporter,” and the words and fight them so as not to be Fitna Wico “I ordered that I fight people until they say there is no god but Allah(SWT)

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Ruling and Importance Of Jihad In Islam

The rule of jihad in Islam is to impose any duty on the Muslim and he has two cases and they either be a jihad as the imposition of sufficiency and either be jihad as the imposition of an eye.

For the preaching and sustainability of Islam, there are two vital types of categories are announced by Islam. One category that goes out to fight is a strong militant group announced by the state government, who are capable of carrying the hardship of jihad, but the category that remains in the country are Elders, children, and women who are able to preach to people.

When is jihad?

Jihad is sufficient if the enemy occupies a country from some Muslim countries. In this case, the Jihad is sufficient for the Muslim countries away from the occupied country at an approximate distance of more than 80 kilometers.

Because Allah said: “And the believers did not disobey as a scourge so that no one of them would be tempted to repent to the religion and let their people be warned if they turned back to them.

Some noteworthy points about Ruling and Importance Of Jihad In Islam are,

1 – Islam to the verse “O ye who believe! Fight those who insult you from the infidels and find in you a grievance and know that Allah is with the righteous“; Here God Almighty only addresses the believers, it is not incumbent on the kaafir or the delinquent who pays tribute to him.

2(puberty) It is not necessary to fight a boy for not assigning him in this case, that is, in the case of the imposition of sufficiency: Allah says (interpretation of the meaning): “Neither the weak nor the sick nor those who do not find what they spend in embarrassment if they advise Allah and His Messenger. “! Here it is said that the weak are the weak of the boys because of the weakness of their bodies.

3(Mind) It is not necessary to fight on the insane for not assigned in this case, in the case of imposition of sufficient: for saying, “not on the weak nor on the sick or on those who do not find what they spend embarrassment if advised to God and His Messenger what the benefactors of the way and God is Forgiving, Merciful “! It was here meant the weak are lunatics of the weakness of their minds.

4 (Freedom) There is no jihad on the servant or slave: because he says “believe in Allah and His Messenger and strive for the sake of God with your money and yourselves that is better for you if you know“; but the slave does not have himself and does not have money all the king of his master and if God This is no longer the case.

5(masculinity), there is no jihad against a woman for her weakness, “O Prophet, incite the believers to fight if there are twenty of you Saberon overcome two hundred and if a hundred of you overcome a thousand of those who disbelieve that they do not know.

6 (Health) There is no jihad on a patient who can not fight or be in the Jihad hardship.

7(energy to fight) with the body and money, there is no jihad on the blind and not on a lame even in one foot: because the Almighty said: “not on the blind is critical and the awkward is not critical to the patient,” 

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