Was Islam Spread by Sword?

No, Islam was not spread by Sword!

Our opponents usually blame on Islam religion that Islam was spread by the sword, to me and all Muslims it is a totally wrong concept and away from the true history.

It is propaganda that Muslim leaders ordered people to accept Islam or they will be killed. But with a strong and deep insight into the history, we came to know that it is wrong.

As we know that our Holy Prophet spent 13 years in Mecca and preaching Islam.

He suffered many hardships not only mentally but also physically.

Only a few people were there who accept Islam and prominent leaders rejected to convert.

A vital point here to note is that these few Muslims were not to convert, but they were actually tortured for being Muslims.

Due to brutal treatment by the leaders of Mecca Prophet migrated to Medina and established the first Islamic state.

He did not force the people of Medina to accept Islam, but actually, they were inspired by the deeds of the Prophet and the teachings of Islam.

When non-Muslims observed that with the passage of time, Islam was flourishing and thriving day by day, they had imposed war on Muslims of Medina.

Although Muslims were weak but with the power of faith, Muslims defeated their well-built enemy forces. Non-Muslims attacked three times on Muslims. In order to eliminate Islam, but they failed to.

Islam is the religion of peace and prosperity, as it has clearly stated that there is no compulsion in religion.

When Islam got enough strength, our Holly Prophet offered non-Muslim leaders of different states to accept Islam through letters.

Whenever a war started between Muslims and non-Muslims it was due to the harsh and cruel steps taken by non-Muslims.

When the rays of Islam were started shining on other states, then Muslim leaders received Jizya, which is a tax paid by non-Muslims to the Islamic state to protect them.

When Muslim forces interred in a city, they invited them to either accept Islam or to pay the Jizya or to fight. In the first two options, Muslims will not invade the city. In the third case, Muslims will fight the city and invade it.

Muslims have no aim except to tell people about the right way of God to save them from hell. Non-Muslims always had given the option to accept Islam or not.

Muslim merchants had also played a significant role to enlighten Islam.

Like in Indonesia and Malaysia countries Muslim forces were not entered but actually only due to good and sincere dealings and attitude, many non-Muslims stepped in Islam religion.

They found that all Muslim merchants were honest in their deeds, and it was because of Islamic teachings. A solid proof in this respect is that many non-Muslim countries occupied for years many Muslim states, which were already occupied by Muslim fighters.

So if their natives were forced to convert then after the attack of Non-Muslims they should leave Islam.

But in reality, it did not happen.

All Muslims accept Islam by heart because only Islam is a peaceful and virtuous religion.


After Reading this Article I full hope you understand that Islam is not spread by Sword. So if you want more information related to this. kindly, drop your positive feedback below our comments box

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