What is Purity in Islam?


Wudu & Ghusl in Islam – An Overview

Today we discuss What is Purity in Islam? and Its Significance. 

The Almighty Allah(SWT) says in the Holy Quran: “In it, there are men who love to observe purity and Allah loves those who maintain purity.

The purity of Taharah (طہارت) has a high significance in Islam. A Muslim’s faith is incomplete without purity as it is an essential aspect of Islam. The opposite word of Taharah is Nigis.

Nigis is considered as things that are considered ritually impure are in the state of Najasa.

Allah(SWT) and our beloved Prophets(PBUH) love cleaners, call it half of faith.

Muslim must cleanse his body and clothes and place of all uncleanness, and it is also necessary to cleanse his heart of jealousy, envy, and hatred and purifies his limbs away from sin and evil, and thus the Muslim has brought together the purity of outward and sublime.

Allah(SWT) further says: “O you who believe! The polytheists are certainly impure[najas]: so let them not approach the Holy Mosque after this their year. And if you fear poverty, Allah will enrich you out of His grace, if He wishes. Indeed Allah(SWT) is all-knowing, all-wise.

A true Muslim always keeps his soul, clothes, and surroundings neat and tidy, because he knows that purity is considered one of the pillars of Islam.

Observing cleanliness of the soul, the clothes, and the surroundings is obligatory upon every Muslim, and this is considered as one of the pillars of Islam.


Muslim is pure and clean, avoids all impurities and cleanses them, and impurity is of two kinds:

  • Unclean tangible concrete, such as urine or feces, which is what scholars call najaasah sensory, and purification of them to be removed by washing .. or other.
  • This is the type of impurity that is said by the jurists: It is all that prevents the worship of the command of shari’ah by purifying it.

Sensitive Impurities, and Purification of them:

The Muslim avoids the sensory impurities (which are all najaasah for her body) so that she does not injure or injure his clothes or food or drink, and these impurities are:

  1.  Dead: It is all died of the wild animal eaten meat without a legitimate slaughter (ie died dead normal without legitimate slaughter) or died of an animal not eaten meat and if slaughter, as well as everything, cut or separated from the members of the neighborhood, except hair And wool and litter, they are pure. He said: (Say I do not find in what inspired me to haram on a feeder to feed him only to be dead or bloodshed or pork meat is Rgz[AL-Bakrah: 145], and the sixth: unclean. But Allah has permitted us two types of the dead: fish and locusts because he said: “Let us have two dead women, and the dead ones: the whales, the locusts, and the fat and the spleen.” [Ahmad] Is the position of the skin in certain substances for the night and remove its moisture and impurity) and dead what has no liquid blood, such as ants, bees and the like, they are not unclean.
  2. Blood: The blood of the fleas, the liver, the spleen, and the blood of the aquatic animals shall be exempted from the blood. And some of the scholars are of the view that pus and pus are not unclean or is exempt from it, and it is exempt from walking the blood that affects the body of the butcher or the doctor, and it is better for them to allocate a dress By Prayer.
  3. Pig: It is unclean all, it is not permissible to benefit from anything; his flesh, and fat and skin, and bones, the Almighty said: (but the dead and dead, blood and pork) [cow: 173].
  4. Vomit man and his urine and feces: vomit dirty and unclean, but exempted from the little.
  5. And the urine of man and his feces Ngsan, but cleanse the garment suffered by the urine of the infant boy, who depends on his food to breastfeed only with water; Umm Qais – may Allah be pleased – came to the Prophet (carrying her son).  After a while, the baby urinated in the Prophet’s lap. The Prophet, upon whom be peace, called for some water, which he sprinkled over his clothes, and did not give them a complete washing. This is
    related by al-Bukhari and Muslim.
  6. If a child eats food with breastfeeding, the place of his urine must be washed. If the baby girl is wearing the garment, it is generally washed, whether the girl is a baby or not. He said: “The boy’s urine is sprinkled with water and the running urine is washed.” [Ibn Majah], Because it carries more than the girl, so it was tempered in the rule, to facilitate the people. But he is exempted from the uncleanness of urine and feces in the case of a person who has been ill-informed (ie, he can not control the discharge of urine and excrement).

It is also exempted from the sprinkler of the urine if it is as accurate as of the head of the pin, so that it is not visible to the Muslim man to investigate the purification of the feces and urine, for the Prophet (passed on two tortured in their graves, said: (tortured, and punished in large) and then said: One of them did not hide (fear or wash) of his urine, and the other walked with gossip.


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