Scientific Facts in the Light of Holy Quran

Quranic Facts

Almost everyone knows that Holy Quran is a book which represents the religion of Muslims. It is a marvelous book in which Allah describes various aspects of this universe. It is a complete book for the guidance of human life.

In this modern age of technology, when science is exploring various facts of world, it is surprising that Quran Paak contains such statements in it which are proved to be truth after centuries ago. The period when Quran Paak was sent down to the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W is 1400 years ago.

Due to this immense time period, it is concluded that there is no differene in religion and knowledge of science. In fact religion Islam can explain the scientific facts in the light of revealed knowledge that is Quran Paak.

From the several aspects of science that are proved to be truth in this age which Allah told 1400years ago in Quran Paak, following are some aspects which are explained here.

  1. The Creation of Life:

Allah says in Quran:

  • “We made every living being from water. Will they not believe?” (Surah Al-Anbiya, [21] verse’30)

In this verse, Allah mentions water as the basic element of the creation of everything. Today, science proves that every living thing is made up of cells and these cells consist of 80% of cytoplasm, which in simple terms is “water”.

This might have seemed odd for the people of that time as there was no science to prove it but today, science proves this fact which Quran mentioned 1400 years ago.

While talking about the creation of human being, Allah says in Quran:

  • “He was created of a gushing fluid, emanating from between the loins and the ribs.”(Surah At-Tariq[86], verse 6-7)
  • “Then made his progeny from a quintessence of the nature of a fluid despised” (Surah Sajdah[32], verse 8)

Now science has proved that Semen (a reproductive fluid) that is released from man contains sperm cells and only one sperm is sufficient to fertilize egg inside the female in order to produce embryo.

Furthermore Allah says:

  • “Created man from a clot (a piece of thick congealed blood).”(Surah Alaq [96], verse 2)

Alaq is plural of ‘alaqah, which means congealed blood as well as a thing that sticks like a Juonk. This is the primary state of the embryo which appears a few days after conception. Then it assumes the form of a lump of flesh, and then afterwards it gradually takes human shape.

This concept of Quran is well explained by Dr. Kieth moore. He observed the earliest shape of embryo by an extremely powerful microscope. When embryo’s shape was compared to shape of Juonk insect, he became surprised because both were resembled to one another.

Views of Dr. Kieth Moore:

Dr. Kieth Moore studied these Ayahs very deeply. He gave the answers of 80 questions. These entire questions were based on Quranic information about embryology and all answers were compatible with Quran and Hadees.

After taken help from Quran Paak, Dr. Kieth Moore published third edition of his book, “The Developing Human” which was awarded as a unique and comprehensive book written by the same author.

In 1981, when second world medical conference was held in the city of Saudi Arab, Damaam, he said in this conference that I feel glad and satisfaction to explain the Quran Paak’s statements about human development.

  1. Function of Mountain

Allah says in Quran:

  • “Have We not made the earth a resting place? And the mountains like stakes?” (Surah An-Naba[78], verses 6-7)

This Ayah describes mountains as stakes which go deep down in earth. Today, science proves this claim of Quran according to which the mountains are not just above the surface rather they have roots deep down below earth’s surface as well.

Example of Mount Everest:

The highest peak in the world Mount Everest can be the best example of this. According to scientists, Mount Everest that is 9km above the surface has its roots almost 125km below the surface. Thus the metaphor of “mountain like stakes” in Quran actually gets a scientific proof.

  1. Sky As a Protector:

Allah says in Quran:

  • “We made the sky a protective ceiling. And yet they turning away from our signs!” (Surah Al-Anbiya[21], verse 32)

Allah mentions Sky as a protective ceiling and calls it as a sign. Today, this is a scientific fact that the Sky actually does serve as a protective shield for life on earth.

Moreover Allah says about Sky in Quran:

  • “I swear by the Firmament which returns.” (Surah At-Tariq[86], verse 11)

What is the returning function of Sky means? Scientists prove that there are different layers of Sky surrounding the Earth. Each layer is beneficial for the existence of life on Earth. These layers return the rays back to the space or back down to the Earth.

Layers of Sky:

Sky is actually made up of different layers of gasses. Following is the short description of these protective layers.

  1. The first layer of Sky under which life exists is known as Troposphere. It is approximately 15km high near the equator. It enables water vapors to rise from the surface of the earth to be condensed and turn back as rain.
  2. Second layer is Ozonosphere which is also known as Stratosphere. This layer is at the attitude of 50km. Ozone plays a key role in the temperature structure of the Earth’s atmosphere by returning ultraviolet rays back into the space.
  3. Third layer is called Ionosphere or Mesosphere. This layer fulfills the requirements of modern technology of wireless sound system on Earth such as Television, Radio and Satellite over long distances. It plays role to send sound signals back to Earth for telecast. It is 50 to 80 km high.
  4. Magnetosphere is another most important layer of sky above Earth. It protects Earth from heat strokes. In the absence of this layer, all living things will burn and unable to survive on Earth. This layer is also called thermosphere and its height is 80 to 700km.
  5. The fifth main layer is Exosphere. It is 700 to 10,000km high above Earth. It is the uppermost layer, where atmosphere thins and merges with interplanetary space.

Earth’s atmosphere protects life on Earth by filtering harmful ultraviolet radiations from the Sun, destroying most meteors that pass through it and retaining heat. Earth’s atmosphere also provides oxygen to humans and animals and carbon dioxide (Co2) to plants.

NOTE: Lithosphere is not part of Sky. It is solid outer section of Earth which includes Earth’s crust, dense and rigid part of the upper mantle.

  1. The Presence of Iron:

For the people of today, iron is a metal that is found on Earth. However, according to scientists today, the original source of iron is not a metal of this Earth rather it came from space.

Quran mentions iron in the following way:

  • “We sent down iron, in which there is awesome power, as well as many benefits for mankind.” (Surah Al-Hadid [57], verse 25)

This Ayah states that the iron is not something that formed on Earth but was actually sent down by Allah.

According to scientists, billions of years ago meteoroids hit Earth and these meteoroids came with the metal iron which then dispersed and immersed in different parts of the Earth.

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