Argumentative Essay UK


An argumentative essay UK is a description of a topic. It is writing that presents a different viewpoint and suggests solutions. The writer presents a series of arguments that back the position that is being presented.

Toulmin model

Toulmin is a well-known model that analyzes arguments. This model can help students comprehend the process of writing an argumentative essay. It also helps improve students’ understanding of themselves.

The Toulmin model of argumentation consists of three fundamental elements: claim, warrant, and supporting data. These components can be broken down into sub-elements.

The claim, sometimes referred to as a thesis, reflects the author’s assertion. The warrant also clarifies the foundation of the claim. A warrant could be a rule, a principal of historical interpretation, or an inference-license.

Toulmin’s model can help you examine the connection between claims, argumentative writing quality, and their claims. It is not able to analyse non-linear arguments.

Another argumentative writing model, the Rogerian method is less abrasive. This model lets writers examine opposing arguments.

Abdollahzadeh and colleagues. According to Abdollahzadeh et .al.(2017) claims was positively correlated to the quality of English argumentative writing by Iranian postgraduates.

Karabacak (2010) Karabacak (2010), reported no correlation between claim-quality and overall writing quality. They looked at 117 time-limited writings of top universities in Northeast China.

Rogerian model

Carl Rogers created the Rogerian model argumentative essay. Its goal is to encourage collaboration and mutual gain.

While it might appear as if this is an exclusive approach however, the Rogerian method is actually a negotiation technique. It puts opposing parties in a difficult situation by introducing the issue and presenting their point of view, and trying to find a common agreement.

The writer must be trustworthy during this part. They should not be evasive and attempt to convince readers of their viewpoint. Instead, they should be compassionate and respectful.

The first step is to present the opponent’s point of view. This is a fantastic way to get the audience involved in a discussion. They will be more likely to be able to agree on a solution if they have been involved in the discussion.

The Rogerian model argumentative essay should illustrate a few important concepts. They include the notion that the most effective solution may not be the first one papertyper info to be presented.

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